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"You can not detect "race""

You can "determine" what it was. Better? Pedantry at it's finest.

"It depends on who you ask"

No? Name a country that allows you to be a citizen just by saying you are one. It's a status granted by where you are born, or where your parents were born (making the assumption you don't move obviously). Israel is the only exception, and certain sects of Jews probably share a lot of similar DNA and ancestry to justify that.

"As for nationality, no amount of equipment or funding will make it possible to tell nationality from cells"

You're splitting hairs. Look at "Genetic heritage" or "Genetic Ancestry". There's an entire field of science you're claiming isn't real and doesn't exist, without knowing anything about it. If you can tell which period of time a person is from, and which part of the world, you can most definitely identify their nationality. I'm not saying it's stored in their DNA, i'm saying you can identify it in specific instances.

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