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123-Reg is at it again: Registrar charges chap for domains he didn’t order – and didn't want

Lee D Silver badge

If they can't even get charging money right, what chance in hell do they have of operating your domain reliably?

Don't deal with companies that a) refuse to take your money or b) take your money without asking.

Literally, if they can't manage the basics of business, don't trust them with anything more complicated... like providing a service to you.

And, yes, I have literally had companies refuse to take my money. One ISP who turned off a private school's ADSL lines because "they used more traffic than a normal household" (despite being clearly marketed as a business line and the equipment having been installed by said ISP!) was literally told "Money is no object, we need this connection back on, how much to lift your entirely arbitrary traffic limit, even just for today?" and they said that they couldn't.

Their money instead went on a bunch of 3G sticks (best thing available at the time) to tide us over and then we paid 10 times as much each month for a leased line from another company and cut them off. I mean... how stupid can you be, doing business like that?

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