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I see a train wreck.....

This 'always connected to the cloud' thing has proved to be a disaster for IoT deployment with rosy marketing predictions just not panning out because the products are klunky to use, relatively expensive and prone to unreliability if there's anything wrong with the internet connection (or the vendor's just gone belly up). This reality check hasn't dissuaded them, though, because they now expect us to commit to putting our entire computing universe in the cloud. Sure, "next year" everything's going to be peachy but based on present form the offering is going to be unreliable, patchy and expensive. Maybe in a decade or so things will improve but for now its just not going to happen.

To complicate things further we've got a war going on between the US government and Huawei. Its started to dawn on our government that while we've been fiddling Huawei has been making base stations and other infrastructure so to try to get some competition going we, the US taxpayer (or should I say "future US taxpayer since its all going on the credit card) intend to subsidize global purchases of Ecrisson and Nokia kit to the tune of $60 billion. This tells me the race is lost -- while we're screwing around playing economic warfare the Chinese are deploying actual kit -- working kit -- leaving us with our dreadful, anemic, offerings as an excuse for a 5G rollout, offerings that don't actually appear to be 5G anyway. Its a mess but we really only have ourselves to blame for it.

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