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In a touching tribute to its $800m-ish antitrust fine, Qualcomm tears wraps off Snapdragon 865 chip for 5G phones

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So, why aren't more computers these days shipping with cellular modems and SIM cards, to get connected to remote apps and data wherever they are, and when will people – particularly enterprises – take a greater interest in 4G or 5G notebooks?

Because I have a perfectly capable WiFi hotspot (or tethered modem if desired) in my pocket, my phone, that I've already paid for, that doesn't require additional componentry in the laptop (a Cellular modem/antenna) that increases the price of the laptop, significantly, to duplicate something I already have (3/4/5G phone with the necessary euqipment) nor do I need to set up a new account/data/SIM plan with a telco to use.

Since most people already carry on their person at all (or most) times this portable WiFi hotspot or tetherable modem, which the use of 5G built into laptops wouldn't eliminate them carrying anyway, why would I need 5G in the laptops when I can just use their WiFi to connect to my WiFi hotspot (or USB cable for tethering) in the phone?

Even if they eliminate the price difference between a 5G vs non-5G capable laptop - maybe integrating 5G modems into standard WiFi chipsets - I still don't see it being a generally desirable trait, as now you have to maintain or even pay for another account to use it with, rather than using my already existing account on my phone.

Sure, I can see it being potentially useful, but certainly not a killer feature and something that the vast majority of people would bother with over using their phones as their connectivity method (or home WiFi or open WiFi hotspots using VPNs).

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