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Trump Administration fast-tracks compulsory border facial recognition scans for all US citizens


Let the politicians try it too ...

Recently it struck me that the facial recognition (or pick-your-biomteric-of-the-moment) bandwagon might move a little slower if the FIRST people to trial it were the politicians.... (+ lobbyists for the tech in question :-) )

E.g., no access to govt buildings/canteen/car without first donating your info, and needing to be verified a couple of times a week (preferably including some larger database with loadsa bad guys of the same vintage ... :-) )

Simple argument against - it'll cost those poor politicos time, which is OUR time.

OK, trial it for a fixed 6-month period and feed the false-positives & other feedback into the decision making process ...

Oh, and for extra points, make the 'cost of failure' just as friendly as they want to impose on the current subjects - re-test, revalidate & bring in all the paperwork in person (no sending aides in your place ...)

It'd never happen, but hey, it is my least harmless fantasy relating to politicians...

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