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Silicon Valley Scrooges sidestep debt to society through tax avoidance to the tune of $100bn

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Isn't this the problem?

"Like other multinational companies, we pay the vast majority - more than 80 per cent – of our corporate income tax in our home country."

So it's quite ok to make absolute profit in Europe but not pay tax in Europe? It is apparently ok for the company to (legitimately) surf the tax rules to funnel that raw profit back to the US without any restriction. That same headline profit has suddenly reduced due to the multiple handling by 'company administrators' in many countries, investment capital is taken, payment of the board is made then, and only then, tax is paid on the small remaining figure.

What they say may be true. What they do may be legal. However, what they are allowed to get away with is morally reprehensible on the part of the national Governments that both allow and encourage it.

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