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Gravitons, Neoverse... you'd be forgiven for thinking AWS's second-gen 64-core Arm server processor was a sci-fi

Phil Endecott

What’s still missing, sadly, is ARM versions of the “t” instances and Lightsail.

The “t” instances are burstable, i.e. you pay for some fraction of a CPU core on average but can periodically use more. I use these for servers that typically tick over with maybe 5% load average, but sometimes need more - most often when they do something like a database backup dump or when I log on to install something.

Lightsail is based on the t instances, but they’re bundled up with a generous a cheap monthly bandwidth allowance. Thus makes AWS much more competitive for bandwidth-intensive applications.

So sadly, much as I’d love to use ARM instances (and I’ve tried them out experimentally), I’m not currently able to do so.

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