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The European Commission and Galileo

> the European Union's Galileo system, which the UK had – until Brexit – contributed to building .. remains accessible to the UK after Brexit, although the country will cut itself off from access to its encrypted channel after the country's departure from the union.

I don't understand the logic of rescinding full GB access to Galileo after Brexit, as long as they continued to provide finance and technical support, after all a lot of the technology was provided by private contractors and it's not as if the Island is going to disappear into orbit.

> The EU says the agreement struck over the terms of the 21-month transition period after Brexit gives it the freedom to do so ..

Why would GB agree to be blocked from Galileo post Brexit, unless this is yet another example of Brussels making up the rules as they go along.

"The commission has suggested" you turn over your Laundry Service to our friend Whispers :]

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