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SAP bet the house on S/4HANA but most users aren't ready to move

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SAP Upgrade left thousands unpaid for months

A certain employer of mine acquired a bunch of US businesses; "merged" them, and rolled out SAP in place of the myriad of systems that had gone before. It was an extortionately expensive process; albeit one that needed to happen to reduce the duplication of systems and processes across multiple businesses. Not without pain; some staff were unpaid for months. Less said about what happened to supplier payments probably the better.

HANA is now being touted as the next step internally. I fear the reality is our overseers are plain terrified of moving anywhere else because of how expensive and what went wrong in the previous merger.

Reminds me of the tactics of selling cigarettes if you ask me. Something you can't live without, and the price goes up with no viable alternative :-P

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