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We're not all always bad

I'll post this anonymously, if you don't mind.

Some years ago I worked at, well, it doesn't matter where. The year had gone well, and the IT department had handled a lot of additional, and sometimes ticklish things, with aplomb. I looked forward to being able to reward them come year-end, especially one or tow stars who really made the department purr.

I was called in to my boss around salary discussion time. He gave me an envelope with my generous increase, which was nice. Then he said "I'm afraid there is no budget for any increases for your department." I said "What's this then?" brandishing my letter. He said "You're paid from the executive budget. That's your share." I pushed the letter back to him, and told him there was no way I would accept any increase if my department weren't going to be rewarded as well. He started going white.

It seems the executive increases were OKed at Board level, and my cat among the pigeons would have meant answering questions the C-suite really didn't want asked. Eventually I compromised. I agreed to accept the increase, provided every one in my department got a bonus equivalent to two months' salary. The more I thought about it, the more angry I got. I was well paid, and while more is always nice, if you have less, a little more is even nicer. Yet the greed of the "executive budget" meant the ethics of the issue simply did not occur to them, or if it did, they overcame their concerns pretty easily.

This may have been the start of the hatred the CEO built up, and which eventually meant I left that company for a more sane existence.

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