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You talk about "academic institutions" like they're one entity, but they're not. There was nobody in a position to force them all to cooperate.

You would've had to individually convince all of them to a) rewrite all their software to handle longer addresses, b) deploy the new protocol on all of their computers and routers, c) do a coordinated drop on the old protocol.

And you want to do this early, when there were only a handful of institutions with minimal deployments as opposed to hundreds/thousands with substantial software and hardware deployments... so basically you'd need to do it at a time when v4 legitimately was sufficient for all the people involved; at a time where everybody understood it to be an experiment. You'd be doing it before work on the new protocol even began. And you'd be doing it in an environment where there were already multiple other competitors to v4 (remember that v4 only won everywhere in the late 90s; lots of people were still using IPX and god knows what else until then).

I'm honestly sceptical about your chances, there.

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