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Re: ISOC stands to gain $1B.

Selling infrastructure in perpetuity to VC's is commonplace, and consistently the same scam. $$$ into pocket today, prices rise, profits for the VC rise, and the end users end up getting screwed

Much like the public/private partnerships much beloved to the Blair government (and successive governments) - you get a private organisation to build a school/hospital/council building and then lease it from them at an extortionate cost for the next 25 years (while paying them a fortune to maintain it for you).

Sure, it avoids spending capital budget but you then end up giving vast[1] amounts of public cash to private companies - some of whom have fairly bad reputations and questionable practices.

[1] Over the lifetime of the deal, a order of magnitude higher than what it would have cost to build and run said building. But short-term governmental thinking doesn't concern itself beyond the current budget cycle unless forced to.

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