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Who is behind Ethos?

Good question. So-

Ethos Capital is a new investment company firmly rooted in the belief that prosperity can be built and shared with all the stakeholders in our investment ecosystem.

Thus far, there seems to be 2 public stakeholders, Erik Brooks and Nora Abusitta-Ouri (CPO? CPO!). The latter being.. interesting-

At ICANN, Ms. Abusitta-Ouri launched and grew ICANN’s Development and Public Responsibility Department, with a focus on ICANN's approach to corporate social responsibility and the organization’s role as an enabler of growth in the domain name industry and related industries.

So with a background in CSR, she should know that this looks.. bad. But hey ho, think of the enabling growth from those domain renewals. At $10 a time, that's potentially $600m to share between stakeholders.

Then there's Chehade, also ex-ICANN and allegedly an 'advisor' to Ethos. And also registered the domain name, which OK, could constitute advice, especially if Mr Brooks or Ms Abusitta-Ouri didn't know how to do that. Which they should given their past, present and future planned-for roles as guardians of the .org

But that's all part of the problem. Ethos's website is rather light on information, especially normal VC-type stuff, so how much they're managing, people, PR etc.

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