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Your timing's out. In 1994 I was connected from my college's computer room via 10base-T directly to university MAN.

Well.. El BOFH could give some interesting glimpses into things.. Take a look at various episodes and when they were published.

In 1998 I was still able to swap a couple of used 3com network cards with BNC connectors for cheaper-brand new RJ45-only 10meg (or 10/100?) cards, The shop did a straight no test no questions asked swap. I still have those cards today though they haven't been powered for more than 10 years). I think I saw my last Coax network in 2005 or 2006, but in '94/'95 they were very common where I had dealings. Hell, during my computing courses the institute still used them.. But then, within 3 weeks I was teaching their 'industry expert' programming tutor a few things about programming.

Icon coz my memory's a little fuzzy on things too...

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