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Let there be Light

No, still no idea what it's talking about.

Perhaps you should check the house rules for badges? .... John Smith 19

It would appear to be very much a case of what is said, understood and liked enough by both El Reg and the masses being bothered to register an upvote, John Smith 19, for El Reg qualifying thresholds for badges surely confirm it? So mere prodigious quantity bears no responsibility.

Bronze ... More than one year members and more than 100 posts in the last 12 months.

Silver ..... Silver badge holders meet bronze requirements and have more than 2000 upvotes.

Gold ......This discretionary badge is awarded by Reg staff to commentards who have been very helpful - to us, through news tips and beta testing, for example - and to their fellow readers, through their posts. .......

However, discretionary awards are always liable to be thought easily subjected to bias rather than solely being well considered as a truly worthy reward to certain egos/ids.

:-) And one must never forget, here on El Reg, El Reg makes the rules and commentards can only help police them ...... which is a greater service than you are likely to be offered by many anywhere else in these days of hope and glory and real change ‽

Thanks for the assistance, John Smith 19. 'Tis much appreciated.

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