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A national Ethos will characterize each country's feelings about morality and social well-being. America's is defined by going after the money and subordinating society to individual gain, by which method they think the greater good is best propelled.

The wise old creatures of the Cato Institute and the Mises Organisation can far better explain this than I ever can, since I have less grounding in Applied Greed.

Republican morality also demands vaster rewards for the Rich because of the greater effort and sacrifice they put in by risking their wealth and their undertaking looking after other people's monies *; which also has been a national feature since the Founding --- when they fought a Revolution to steal Indian land and sold their fellow countrymen wooden nutmegs.


* See George Washington, Astor, Gould, Fisk, Rockefeller Sr., to Bill Gates, the Waltons, Romney, Hillary Clinton and Bloomberg today.

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