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to paraphrase your words, a discussion on a different, and yet the very same issue ("Official secrets"), on youtube, around 38 min 10 sec (Martin Bright):

"It's easy to be nostalgic how things were with Bush and Blair, because it looks like, these people were easier to hold to account (...). For all their faults, it seems to me that Tony Blair and George Bush understood that if they were caught in a lie, that was a problem for them. They knew the difference between truth, lies and propaganda. They may have chosen to push those boundaries, but they did know the difference and they knew that it mattered if they were caught. I think our problem now, and I think this applies on both sides of the Atlantic, is that we have populist politicians for whom it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you catch them out in the lie, because they don't care, because they lie as a matter of course and they change what they say from day to day. Now, that shouldn't mean we shouldn't hold them to accounts, it means that the job is even more difficult than it was before."

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