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I'm probably getting old, but I remember the times when people still tried to retain a semblance of honesty and integrity. Not that they were actually honest, no, but they acknowledged that they were supposed to.

That's why I think this story deserves more attention. It's a $1bn+ scandal after all. And I don't think there's any justification doing it. Ethos seems to have been specifically created as an SPV to take over .org. ISOC might get a large cash lump but future revenues would flow to Ethos... And there's a lot of cash, especially as renewal prices increase.

It's also incredibly bad governance. So there's a period of exclusivity for negotiations... Which is bass-ackwards. If it was decided that privatising .org was a Good Thing for the Internet, the sane approach would be to issue an RFP and/or auction. That would have avoided the obvious conflicts of interest Kieren's been highlighting.

I'm also curious what options stakeholders may have to get legal about this, and the apparent legality of this self-dealing. Not sure how that fits with US law, or which agency might be interested in having a look.

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