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Not a new tactic, but consider that while companies are known to do underhanded things to protect themselves from Unions, unions and union organizers are also known to engage in underhanded things. Even a legitimate company (or union) has reason to fear and protect themselves from such underhanded activities.

Tracking and harassing other employees, which they admit to doing, is not only underhanded it would appear to be a violation of California law.

The legitimate purposes of a union are two-fold: (1) to protect vulnerable workers through collective bargaining and (2) to protect a skilled trade and train new members in that skill.

Does either of those apply to a union at Google? There is no apprentice program and the union isn't training and certifying anybody. Potential workers are trying extraordinarily hard to get in because they want to work for the company even though they already know that the working conditions aren't the best, but that in their mind the pay and other compensation override that.

The people that Google hires are generally amongst the best at what they do. Those people have LOTS of options at multiple companies. They aren't common laborers with an interchangeable skillset., and they aren't vulnerable in a way that collective bargaining would generally help them.

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