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"The Ukraine Swamp"

That'll be Biden Snr and Jnr then. It's on the record that Jnr was landed a Ukranian job earning $50k per month with absolutely zero experience of the gas industry nor prior contaxcts with Ukraine.

The unDemocratic party coup in Ukraine was to place the country directly under the control of the US and those in charge at the time enriched themselves.

Not only is that fact conveniently ignored by the US presstitutes, but they are also completely ignorant of how close the world came to WW3 and a nuclear conflict because of the coup and the resultant war upon the ethnic Russians living in the eat of the country, and Crimea too.

I expect plenty of downvotes, but that'll be the consequency of people living in their echo chambers and swallowing hook, line and sinker what the Corporate News Network churns out.

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