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"Democrats aren't necessarily any better than Republicans"

Both mainstream democrats and mainstream republicans are what would, in Europe, be classed as solidly right-wing parties who are friendly to businesses, pork, graft, business-as-usual and favouring the 'big guy' over the common people.

Left-wing democrats are vaguely sane on economic policy (recognising, for example, the massive and growing inequality and the disappearance of social mobility in the US). They are however totally insane as regards immigration policy (which is basically "anyone who ever comes in is welcome to stay forever") and race/gender policy (which is basically "straight white males are the enemy who should be penalised for historical crimes and everyone else should be compensated, all such penalisation/compensation to be strictly based on identity-group ad not the actual individual")

Trumpian republicans are... well, I have no idea, it's whatever Trump says and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to that beyond his own personal interest

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