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UK taxman updates its employment-checking calculator for IR35: Still crap, say contractors


Ive just emailed that to them as a suggestion too.

Im a bit skeptical of the wording :

"We absolutely can’t see it rolled out into the private sector the way things are at the moment"

Suggests that it might be rolled out with amendments in future.

"It should never have been implemented in one go"

Suggesting that they may still implement in a phased approach.

But then

"Pressed whether that means a Jeremy Corbyn-led government would axe the April 2020 proposals, Mr Esterson said it did, confirming their removal to now be official Labour policy"

Seems to clarify the position... I'd be happy to live with the corp tax increases (to 21% based on my companies turn over) if we didn't need to worry about IR35.

And to be fair - a 4% increase in CT works out at a little less than the additional Income tax would have been inside IR35 - Perhaps its a more acceptable middle ground.

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