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Those Equipment Rental Charges Driv me Crazy

I tried ordering an ATT service a few weeks ago. It cost $65 for a 76MB connection and I expect regulatory charges. Then at the end of the signup I saw an additional rental charge of $10 for a Wifi Gateway. I dont need a Gateway or Wifi device I use a Firebox with a Cisco WLC which manages about 4 access points. So I asked for a modem and for the gateway to be removed. Not possible they said. I have to order and pay for the rental device which I do not need. So I cancelled the order.

The funny thing is I may have paid $75 for the service if that is what it was advertised for if they never tried to shaft me with the rental charges. They also do not offer an option for me to purchase the WIFI gateway outright.

Land of the FREE (to be constantly shafted by telcos)_

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