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Your post seems to be mostly made up.

Every handset would need 4,096 IPs? No, I've never heard that. IPs would be used like IMEIs/IMSIs/MACs? No, that's specifically not what IPs are used for (use a UUID if you want a 128-bit identifier, but it won't work as an IP). ISPs wanted user tracking from MACs in v6 addresses? No, they already know who their users are, either from the prefix or the connection port. Global address on phone lets you escape their walled garden? No, they can still firewall you or do whatever they could do with RFC1918 addresses, public addressing doesn't change one bit of that.

Designed by committee? It has roughly the same design as v4. Ops community has to work out the security implications? Most of them are the same as v4, and for the ones that are different... well, it's your job to deal with them.

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