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> I suggest people look into the deep financial benefits of incorporating in Switzerland.

> While the USA and U.K. have corporate tax rates of 35% and 28% respectively,

>Swiss land is 7.8%. Personal income taxes are very low.

It's a non-profit. There are no profits and therefore no taxes anywhere.

> RISC-V also has serious competition from open-source MIPS architectures which

> have code-size, performance, and existing market presence advantages compared

> to RISC-V.

Existing market presence,yes, I don't think there are a lot of high performance MIPS processors around by modern standards -- but I'd love to be educated. The code size thing is just rubbish. RISC-V has a big code size advantage over MIPS, except for the apparently stillborn NanoMIPS announced in May 2018 which has disappeared without trace.

Also MIPS Open has reportedly been quietly closed down already. I've confirmed that the signup page no longer exists and many others 404.

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