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John Smith 19 Gold badge

The trouble is Artificial neural networks are very attractive.

After humans are neural networks and we're intelligent, right?

But human NN can evolve

ANN's don't. Can they identify something they've already seen before? Probably (because that's what they work on, probability)

Can they create something they have never seen before? Probably

Is it going to be useful/attractive/pleasant/safe? F**k knows.

My instinct is that human NN are actually the the host for evolved microcoded processes that are too dynamic for current imaging to identify. IOW ANN's are just too primitive (and because they cannot evolve will always be too primitive) to ever be anything but occasionally useful. Their danger is they look much more impressive (in carefully controlled scenarios) than they actually are.

So just clever enough to be deployed in the real world and hence very dangerous indeed.

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