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We are absolutely, definitively, completely and utterly out of IPv4 addresses, warns RIPE


That approach continues to not work. IPv6 still sits at around 24 per cent of internet traffic - and has actually gone down from last year.

The reason for this is people have not been migrating and thanks to the shutdown of some IPv6 tunnel brokers, some people are now back on only IPv4.

There are the networks that refuse to peer on IPv6, even when they have done so over IPv4. Then there are the security concerns. The fact that technical solutions keep removing a sense of urgency. That IPv6 can kill your VPNs.

Unfortunately, I have no problems with VPNs and IPv6. Of course, I am a dual setup and my computers just fall back onto IPv4. It is possible that NAT64 could be their complaint, but my guess is that the folks that are making an excuse to not go to IPv6 are the people that have never used IPv6. When IPv6 first came out, it was "sold" as a product that would NEVER work with NAT66. The people behind IPv6 at the time sounded like they would come visit me and kill me if I tried NAT66. So, I did NAT66 and have been using it ever since. Most home routers do NAT66 now with all of them being capable of NAT64.

Then there’s the fact that some ISPs just don’t see it impacting their bottom line and so can’t be bothered.

My old ISP is called digis/risebroadband and they have so many IPv4 addresses, they know about IPv6 and don't want to implement it. So I blocked them from my router and I setup a tunnel with a different provider. When they finally put in IPv6 I will never be on it.

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