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Hear hear


> are engaged in a trade war with the US

"with the West", actually.

The US is the only country retaliating, and only after many decades of taking it. (ASIO was warning AU govt of major CN industrial espionage in the 70s)

But, for example, Europe accidentally designed China's startlingly-quickly-designed civilian airliners, presented to market at ~half or third the price. Australia is experiencing repeated nuts-in-vice penalties any time it steps out of line. Eg, all coal exports blocked for 3mths this year because Australia didn't do what it was told. Just last week, major would-be exporter blocked from CN market (got approval verbal and written, made MAJOR investment placing company at risk, licence suddenly withdrawn without explanation and kept withdrawn year+ while company gets increasingly debt-screwed), out of the blue gets CCP company purchase bid, over a barrel so accepts, paperwork finalised, and ... export licence suddenly appears! Company now worth a motza! Etc etc etfuckingc

But gradual realisation growing that something WILL need to be done.

And not just trade war but potentially real war. Example: earlier this year, China's southern army was ordered to be on war-footing/war-readiness.

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