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OT: If you need new parts:

a previous CEO/GM of Rover got f**ked off with the crippling&growing infestation of parasites (clueless corporatites, middle nonmanagers, etc), and bailed out. On his way out, he bought from them all the original designs and a lot of the machines to make the old Morris parts. He then set himself up (in Bristol IIRC) to re-make brand-new parts. Focussing his marketing on Morris Minors because that was where nearly all the demand was.

Old fans of Morrises (like me: Morris Oxford Series 3 1957 & a pre-official release 1956) will know that Mr Morris was IIRC the first to design a vehicle range that had all-interchangeable parts. So any of those parts will fit/can come from an MG ("Morris Garages"), Oxford, Isis, Major, etc.

And yes, rack&pinion steering on a separate chassis allows for quite startling cornering if you know what you're doing :D -- leave modern cars for dust when it gets twisty.

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