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Lenslok on the Spectrum version of Elite. My God, it was an exercise in frustration for me to get that game loaded.

It shows just how far ahead Sir Clive and Spectrum peeps were. A very early version of a USB (or even parallel port) hardware dongle required to be able to use the program/service. Not only that, they even came with the standard level of modern un-reliability and nuisance factor out of the box!

I can't recall if the name was 'elite' or not, some form of jet-fighter game that I kept around even though I could never get it to work on my 21" screen. I still recall being shunted back to a 14" when that TV died and the sudden discovery that my light pen and my lenslock all worked.

(--> Frikken eedjit - had 2 working machines, one with the Saga 1 Emporer keyboard, working microdrive (if they could be called that!) and interface1, various joystick interfaces (at least one with a slot for game cartridges), printer interfaces, a couple of home-built things I can't recall what they did, at least one ADC or DAC (maybe one of each?) And dozens upon dozens of barely used in original packaging cassettes (copied them, copied the copies, and used the copies of the copies to make new copies).. All packed away when I got much better hardware and some years later during a clean out all found a new home at the local tip. )

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