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Et tu, Vint?

Cerf was quoted as saying: “I am looking forward to supporting Ethos Capital and PIR in any way I can as they continue to expand the utility of the .org top-level domain in creative and socially responsible ways.”


Asked on the ISOC members list about the risks of .org domain holders facing domains as much as $60 a year, Cerf surprised many when he responded: “Hard to imagine that $60/year would be a deal breaker for even small non-profits.”

I am absolutely stunned that Dr. Cerf would so cavalierly brush off these concerns.

C'mon Vint, I know you, and you know me (think RTI and MCI Mail...). These are not the idle musings of the Vint Cerf I knew back then. I know you've been working at Google for a long time, and the slow but constant sips of Google-Aide may have altered your judgement somewhat. But it is beyond the pale that you, with an idle swipe of your hand, would countenance handing off full control of one of the original top-level domains to a cadre of money-uber-alles conservative politicians.

Dude! What happened to you?

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