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Net Send on a Submarine.

Back in the 80's worked on a multi terminal system onboard a US submarine. This system would post status messages at the bottom of the screen. Most of these messages were ignored, but I was bored one evening shift and posted a message to a fellow operators screen about the failing of the AN/UYK-44 Computer and that the entire unit needed replacing (which was absurd since the computer was modular and parts would be replaced not the entire unit).

Not seeing a response from the other operator I shrugged it off and went to bed.

Six or so hours latter i'm being shaken awake by the supervisor asking if I had sent the message. Seem the other operator did see the message and had been tearing thru manuals looking for the proper part number all night long so that we could order the entire computer and have it delivered to our next port.

Was a good laugh, but the other operator never mentioned it. And I certainly never brought it up

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