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We are absolutely, definitively, completely and utterly out of IPv4 addresses, warns RIPE

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Anonymous Coward

Bullshit. There are enough IPv4 Address for another 100+ years.

Just because there are no longer any free, unallocated IPv4s doesn't mean that we are out of them. What it means is that IPv4 addresses are now a scarce, "rivalrous" resource. So fucking what? We have an entire field of study dedicated to dealing with rivalrous resources. It's called "economics." Look it up.

So IPv4s will now have price tags attached to them. As demand increases, that price will go up. As the price goes up, people will find ways to use them more efficiently. More carrier NAT, more consolidation of servers behind reverse proxies, etc. And as that becomes more obnoxious, expensive, and inconvenient, those factors will move people to IPv6. And then IPv4 utilization will decrease, the price will eventually drop to zero, few people will notice, and nobody will care. Enough with the pearl-clutching already. The problem will take care of itself just fine.

And now I'll get flamed to a crisp, but I'm still right.

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