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Who cares?

If you need a new public facing IP address then from now on you get IPv6 and no choice in the matter. IPv6 works, is demonstrably in use by millions of people and to my knowledge nobody has yet died due to not being able to get an IPv4 address. The ONLY reason why people are wary of IPv6 is that it's over complicated. Luckily, unless you really want to do something hyper-complicated (yes, it's you, the weirdos who just HAVE to subnet the crap out of everything, even when it's totally unnecessary) it just works most of the time.

I could care less what my public IP address is. Internally I use IPv4 but after the NAT my router can use whatever it damned well pleases. Eventually when some of my older kit finally dies, I may even go IPv6 inside the NAT.

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