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complete with detectors to identify you by the smell and sound of your farts.

Facial recognition will be everywhere in yout home if Bezos and Co have their way.


You can give the finger to Bezos and all other IOT crap, Smart devices that need to phone home every few minutes with more slurpage.

The amount of data that you give away is in your control.

Your privacy is in your control but will you rise up to the challenge.

I've blocked 99% of Google, 100% of Facebook, Twitter and Amazon at my firewall. I won't have any 'stuff' that demands to phone home. If a device demands to be 'connected' to operate then sorry it is not for me. I know that this may become harder in the future but I'm determined to keep this shit out of my life.

Ready to step up and keep the enemy at bay? {deathly silence follows}

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