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those net blocks aren't issued by ISPs? Who issued them?

A while back this one ISP was issuing /28's for a DSL service [that I was testing at the time], instead of using PPPoE or some other means of "just having one IP address", esentially using one as a gateway, one as the actual IP address, a third for broadcast, and a fourth that was basically 'wasted'. It was an ineffective use of 4 assigned IP addresses in my opinion, but unfortunately necessary in THAT configuration.

Perhaps one of the simpler solutions here is to re-do the IP address assignments to eliminate the need for these kinds of /28 netblocks, and INSTEAD assign the addresses directly and use a different protocol to communicate the data. customer still has his fixed address(es), but fewer are actually being used, and become available for others.

(earlier comment about IPv6:IPv4 gateway probably applies)

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