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All of them are fairly dubious players but I very much doubt IPv6 will benefit them much in their surveillance capitalism endeavours.

First of all, they have much better ways to track people than with IP addresses. IP addresses tend to change quite a lot, are tied to physical locations while people move around and people tend to switch from desktop to mobile and back all the time. IP addresses are simply not reliable enough for what the Googles of this world want.

Secondly, there is this thing called Privacy Extensions (RFC 4941) that is the default on most OS-es. That means that the IPv6 address that is visible from the outside (devices connected using IPv6 usually have multiple addresses, one for loop-local, one for the LAN, one for outside communication) changes at quite regular intervals.

This typically means that your laptop or phone behind your home router gets a different IP every day, the first part of the address stays the same, the second part varies. How big the size of the static part is compared to the variable part varies per ISP. If they give you a measly /64 a different section will change than if they give you a /56 or a /48.

Even if you were to maintain a regularly updated list of allocation sizes for every ISP in the world it would still mean that the closest you come to identifying someone is by their house, not by their machine. Just like with IPv4.

Ergo, at worst your privacy is the same under IPv6 as it was under IPv4, usually it’s considerably better.

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