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"Lack of new addresses means existing companies find themselves sitting on an artificially scarce resource - the hyper-capitalist dream."

Are the IP addresses artificially scarce? In general, no - there was a limited number of IPv4 addresses and there is an alternative in IPv6.

Can a company easily sell off its existing IP addresses? Only if they have enough - typically you need at least a /24 provider independent address range to be able to sell it, otherwise the addresses belong to your ISP and not you.

And if the IPv4 market does take off? Suddenly the costs incurred in migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 will be dwarfed by the costs of staying on IPv4 and almost everyone will move...

I'm not sure that's the hyper-capitalist dream. More like the move from fossil fuel to electric cars, we know we have to do it, we just haven't done it yet... Because everyone loves car analogies.

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