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Your timing's out. In 1994 I was connected from my college's computer room via 10base-T directly to university MAN. There were a few very old (probably 5-10 years) PCs in another room that used coax, but they were pretty ancient feeling and only used by a few geeks prepared to read their email via Pine at the Solaris command line. They got ripped out in 1995.

The university was connected to the JANET (UK Joint Academic Network) WAN. If I remember correctly (I may not), FTP'ing large files over this WAN link often saturated the local 10 Mb/s Ethernet connection.

Modem-wise acoustic couplers were long gone. I think I got my first modem - 2400 baud, as I was buying it from saved up pocket money - in 1991 and that connected straight to the phone line.

It took quite a while for TCP/IP to get widespread acceptance. First implementations were in 1975 and it didn't even make it into the Windows networking stack as standard until 1995. Most homes didn't have it when I left Uni in 1997, and lots of businesses were still on older technologies. So IPv6 is actually doing pretty reasonably by some measures.

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