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How would that be compatible with IPv4? How does an IPv4 host - which by definition has 32 bits of address - communicate with a host that has 40? Where do the extra bits go? You've made precisely the same mistake as the author of the article. Suppose addresses had only 3 bits - it's fine when you have 8 hosts (ignoring localhost and broadcast), but suppose you need to go up to 16 and the new hosts have 4-bit addresses. The old hosts need to indicate which of the 16 total hosts they want to talk to, but they have only 3 bits with which to do it. It doesn't matter what other details of the protocol may have changed, add one single bit to an address field and you cut half the potential address space off from your old hosts. IPv6 was predicated on a transition occurring before that problem arose and it's not the fault of the IETF (there are plenty, but this isn't one) that hasn't happened.

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