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Hmm. have to go back to my documentation. I don't remember setting links on the system board itself, I'm pretty certain it was on the keyboard for the model B, but you may be right about it not being the normal switch block, but links on the other side of the keyboard. I'm pretty certain you could put another 8 switch block, allowing you to set addresses from 1 to 254. 0 and 255 were special, and the documentation talked about having a special router node, numbered as 255 IIRC, probably a system 3 or 4, allowing multiple Econets to be linked together.

I only set up one network with about two dozen stations, back in the early '80s. My network was mostly model B's with a couple of Master 128s added at a later time, and I believe one of the first Econet Level 3 fileservers (with a very early version of ANFS) sold, with a 10MB hard disk, and another model B acting as a print server. The fileserver was so new, there was no printed documentation on it!

I'd take my BEEB apart if I had it with me, but I'm away from home at the moment.

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