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"When the lecturers found out"

I got promoted to managing the network because the competent CS teacher was replaced by an IT teacher who was so useless he spent half a lesson trying to explain what a database was, unaware that we'd all written one the term before.

As part of my expected bollocking for hacking the network, it became clear that the main reason that I did so was so the thing would keep on working (because Chuckie Egg) because the IT teacher did NOT have a clue and managed to often screw up user accounts, lose data, lose discs, and my personal favourite - end a lesson by flipping the switch on the fusebox on the wall above the door. Yup, he just forcibly power cycled everything between lessons. Granted, it reset the stations, but the server wasn't too happy. Especially if it was in the process of saving something to disc.

I only thank God that back then harddiscs were so expensive that we never had one...

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