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Taxi for Uber: Ride-hailing app giant stripped of licence to operate in London

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>Uber has a rule that they won't carry unaccompanied people under the age of 18, so I doubt many kids are hailing Uber cabs as they will get rejected 99 times out of 100.

Given the reason Uber is being refused a licence because its understanding of rules and their implementation is deeply flawed, this is a totally flawed line of reasoning.

Uber having a rule doesn't mean it is actually abided by the "self-employed" drivers.

Uber may have a rule, but is there evidence that Uber is policing this and that drivers are enforced (at the 98+%) it ie. on turning up to pick up a lift, refuse the fare.

How many teenagers/young adults have been asked to provide proof of age?

I suspect there is plenty of evidence of U18's using Uber, just not officially recorded...

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