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Jesus Christ man.

I wouldn't want a jaded 50 something with decades of long shifts and stress behind him whose wife just walked out on him after a 20 year shitty marriage full of neglect because he had to work long weekends operating on me either.

Experience matters, but only to a point. Youth, vigor and enthusiasm is equally as valuable.

I'd want someone in their early forties that still has steady hands, a stable life and hasn't yet been broken by decades of soul destroying repetition ripping me open and swapping my heart.

Last thing I'd want is an old boy that can hardly stand up that looks like he should be on the table with me.

Medicine is a really poor example of age being ain't. It's a fucking hard job, with long hours and usually costs you in your personal life.

Medical practitioners are heros in my book but older ones tend to a liability...

Last fucker I'd want operating on me is a Harold Shipman style nutter going rogue in my rib cage.

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