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It's probably to prevent another wrinkly silver uprising.

I honestly don't see what the problem is though. Young people get discriminated against for having less experience, so why can't old people be discriminated against for age related reasons?

Let's face it, in a tech firm being a team of people of over 50s isn't very motivating for a youngster.

I'm in my mid thirties and consider myself old for the industry. There's certain things I just can't do anymore for various reasons (related directly and indirectly to age).

I have a family, so I can't do epically long shifts nor am I inclined to. I won't work at weekends and I couldn't give a flying fuck about my job title so I'm unlikely to care about picking up every cert that the industry throws at me...I don't have the time nor inclination.

Young, unattached, people on the other hand, have buckets of time, they do seem to care about their job titles and they'll work when you want them too. I think that's worth the extra money.

Experience is not something that should have massive sway on the amount someone earns.

In a capitalist market output should be proportional to input. Obviously, it doesn't work that way in reality but that is the spirit of capitalism.

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