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Depends on what "allow" means

Uber says it is beginning trials of a program that will allow riders and drivers to record their conversations.

Is this something that requires consent of both? Hmmm.... Looked up the cited article:

The company plans to test it in the United States “soon,” according to the email, but the timeline for rolling it out is still unclear and may be difficult. “Laws in the United States around consent to being recorded can vary from state to state, but we hope to be able to make this available nationally,” the email said.

Uber has never let mere laws stand in their way... or safety, for that matter. Why not just do full video and sound recording of every ride with a consent notice being required before each ride, every time? Maybe a requirement their employees independent contractors have to post a statement in their cars letting passengers know as much would be a good follow on to that. Laws surrounding dashcams and audio recording in cars are not so complicated that they can't be understood by a lay person. For example: . I wonder if this is just Uber being Uber and waiting until they feel they can skirt the law that is in some way to their advantage.

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