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You could remap the BBC Keyboards

I remember we had a whole computer lab full of BBC model B computers, all with a wonderful 14" Cub cube monitor, a couple had Ceefax adapters for downloading software. They were linked up to two printers, an Epson FX-80 and a golf ball printer that I think was an Alphacom.

The first time we got into trouble was for racing the two printers, the Epson was fastest, but the golf ball was by far the most dramatic, sounding somewhat like a .50 cal machine gun at the back of the room.

The next jape was when we found you could completely remap the keyboard, then store that map on an EPROM and load it onto a different machine, the teacher's machine for instance.

We got a lot of lines for that one, and we got even more lines for getting the printers to do the first lot of lines for us...

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