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A blast from the past!

I happened to go to a school and a college that were in the pilot for the Computers for Schools project in the early 80's. This meant that I had access to a computer room with a dozen BBCs at a time when most schools only had a single machine.

In fact, I was the programming part of (one of) the teams my school put forward for the launch event by the Conservatives of the Computers for Schools project. We went to the local college (along with other local schools) and set up our demos so that Maggie T could come down and view them all. That evening I found out that a picture of me demonstrating our lift, controlled by a BBC Micro, to the Iron Lady was used by the local newspaper when they ran an article about the visit.

I later went to the same college, and became 'intimate' with their collection of BBC Micros. Ours were running ENet rather than EcoNet, which meant that they had a central (BBC Micro) server for the admin rather than allowing the 'admin' software to be run from any of the machines.

We developed a password grabber, cracked the file storage system on the MASSIVE 20MB hard drive, and finished by obtaining a complete list of all user passwords!

Ah, the joys of youth!

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