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I've got an original white Bug which I bought soon after they came out in (I think) 2004 and use it every day. The audio outputs at virtually the same time as my other DAB radios - it just sounds like there's a slight echo when you listen to two together.

The only problem I experience is that sometimes when you use the sleep timer it freezes when it turns off meaning the alarm won't come on in the morning. I've got a separate travel alarm clock to save me in case this happens.

I've updated mine with the v2.2 software (Menu > General Setup > Software version) which gives you the EPG function. The way it stops you turning on or off, changing volume or stations while saving EPG data to the SD card is a bit annoying but I found the smaller the SD card, the quicker it completes this so I bought an old 16MB one from eBay. BBC Sounds renders the recording function redundant for me so I haven't needed the SD card capacity for recordings for many years.

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