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Oh dear, the educational system appears to be in freefall

I'd guess this just another small canary in the coal mine suggesting that maybe there's something not quite right in the education system -- this crap should have been caught by any number of people before it got published. It wasn't so the reputation of the company takes a nose dive. (You're allowed to do the pseudo scientific thing if you're business is crystals, vibrations and quantum resonance -- or maybe just selling clean power for overpriced record players -- but not if you're in the actual business of selling technology.)

I thought that one of the issues with DAB is that it didn't work as well as the legacy technologies it was intended to replace**. Its also a redundant technology -- it so slow in gestation that the whole world of mobile data and the ability to steam whatever you wanted whenever you wanted it just swept past it.

(**AM radio might have crap sound quality but you can make a receiver out of 'common household objects', handy for post-apocalypse broadcast reception. FM has quite nice sound quality, you'll need actual electronics to receive it but its been around for ever and the technologies are not exotic -- and they don't require proprietary chipsets)(Both technologies can be decoded with computer programs if you want to go digital.)

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